Lahore Chatkhara A Free Food Home Delivery Restaurant

Food Club brings to the people of Pakistan an another exciting movement called online food ordering system. We are Facilitating all kinds of food for food lovers to see all online restaurants menu, cuisine price and deals that are placed their own areas. No more difficulty into the restaurants menus to find out what they are offering.

ImageIf you are looking for a restaurant for dining, take away or want to be ordering online any kind of food like Pakistani, Chinese, Italian, Turkish, Thai, Spanish and lot more, you can reach to the restaurant without traveling and also check online their menu with price here.If You desire excellent fast food or different local cuisine with full of taste Lahore Character DHA is one of the famous restaurant that deals in fast food, bar.b.q and continental like dhai bhalay, fruit chaat, pani puri, gujrati puri also offering traditional huderabadi thali, rolls.

ImageLahore chatkhara delivers their online order between 12 noon till 10pm with free of cost home and offices delivery.  Their local dishes sounds like the perfect such dishes are Kashmir chicken Karachi, special motton karah,  and chicken boneless handi. Wanna’ check out your favorite place for break fast, lunch and for dinner tell us about your valid restaurant choice for food we makes your hours happy.

ImageIf we are talking about fast food, this is an prominent kind of food that the people of Lahore like very much but also they want to be a good taste which they love to eat. you can usually cook this at home, but couldn’t share the taste here. The taste of Lahore Chatkhara is bit different from other restaurants with any spicy Kiddy Chicken Burger and special beef burgers. Finally i Found that their fast food is traditionally cooked.

Shahi Khaima The Royal Affair

In the hub of Faisal Town moon market a new restaurant named Shahi Khaima is located, as shown by its name it’s not a common food place. The richness of the place is depicted from its name, interiors to its food. Shahi Khaima’s interior depicts Rich and Royal Arabic Ambiance. The lavish maroon and golden colored khemas are designed with the fancy fabrics such as velvet and jamawar. The beautiful interior of the restaurant makes you feel royal and special. Their floor sitting arrangements are unique and attractive, they also have fine dining area as well for family gatherings.

shahi kehma 1

Apart from its ambiance, if we look into its menu the food variety of Shahi khaima is a blend of Mughlai and traditional cuisine. Their Mughlai main course includes Mughlai Lamb leg, Shahi Mutton Nashaif, Shahi Makhroona, Shahi Dijaj Fostak, Shahi Laham Mandi and many more. Apart from these Mughlai main entries they also provide Arabic Homas, Homas Ma Laham and other traditional handi as well. The chicken handi variety and mutton steaks and champ variety are their speciality. Well one cannot get enough from their menu as the list goes on and on. Although their menu is quite versatile but not a single dish lacks in taste at any point each and every dish from starter to soup, salads to main course is simply amazing.

Shahi kehma 3

Shahi Khema’s is really a great addition on panel. I would recommend you all to try it at least once on my request and I bet you won’t resist to order from it again and again. Shahi Khema’s food treats you ROYAL!

Maham Mohsin
Address Gulberg III, Lahore Pakistan
Phone  +92-423-5781702

AFC: A House Of Amazing Fried Chicken

Al Najam fried Chicken commonly known as AFC is actually amazing fried chicken to me. This food chain is one of the oldest fast food chains in Lahore, Pakistan. Their crunchy crispy zinger burgers are simply irresistible. If you are in Lahore and want some real juicy and tender fried chicken then AFC is the right choice for you. Most importantly if you are planning to eat more in fewer budgets then I must recommend you to login to and order the amazing discount deals from AFC without even thinking. The deals range from single combo meals to super value family deals.


 AFC not only expertise in burgers and family deals, their freshly baked oven pizza are no way to ignore, their hotly baked cheese and tenderly minced chicken and freshly baked veggies makes you droll to bits. The first sight of the oven fresh pizza is simply irresistible it makes you feel like love at first sight or you can say love at first bite as well, because its tastes amazingly good as well.


If we talk about Restaurants in Lahore their ambiance the AFC Thokar branch has established a lavish set up of two story building with the capacity of more than 150 people and amazing play area for kids, where parents can enjoy their food while kids can happily pass their time in the play area and enjoy their special kids’ meal. In short AFC has something in store for everyone!


Maham Mohsin
Address Gulberg III, Lahore Pakistan
Zip Code 54000
Phone  +92-423-5781702

Smart Chicks Fast Food Restaurant

I am crunchy, I am moist: I am succulent fried chicken!

Smart chicks are amazing in their mouthwatering finger lickin chicken alike dishes.

A fast food restaurant offers a variety of delicious fast food including burgers, pizzas, shawarmas and fried chicken.

ImageBut the truth is, it takes a lot of effort to muster tender succulent meat, dredged in flour and spices, then cooked in boiling fat.Professional and domestic cooks alike have their tricks to the perfect fried chicken from the type of spice to the type of oil. And as much as we like to think that we have a sophisticated palate, no hot blooded foodie can resist golden brown, crispy, succulent fried chicken.

Introducing spices to the chicken to enrich the flavor, fried chicken becomes a staple and one of the region’s top choices for ‘Sunday dinner’. The preparation generally involves portions of chicken being dredged in flour usually after marination in buttermilk. The flour is spiced with seasonings such as salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder and sometimes chili. Now the modern household uses more neutral-flavored oils like canola oil and vegetable fans gona love it!

I’m in love with the extra-crispy recipe that Smart chicks have and I have tried hunting for a good clone for ages. Unfortunately, all the recipes that I have tried so far don’t quite come up to par with the original.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that ordering the Smart chicks Burger is nearly always a hit and miss affair, no matter how experienced the chicken shop may be. To order it at a new fast food restaurant, well, some might call that downright reckless. Sometimes, however, it goes terrible wrong. While the burger meat was a bit stringy, the balance of the hash brown, cheese, lettuce, mayo, and chicken did manage to sate my hunger and leave me not completely dissatisfied. As my colleague aptly put it, it left one feeling “full, yet slightly soiled”. I believe he meant that as a compliment to the cuisine; that is at least how I took it. 

Smart chicks’ cooks have their own version to keep the meat moist while achieving that crispy outer coat. 



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Copper Kettle Lahore – Kettle Kolors

It is rare that you see colorful and cartoony restaurant. Copper-Kettle is located at DHA Phase-2, pretty much an excited spot for every aged person. It is small but nicely organized and decorated. The interior is a mixture of red and yellow color, walls painted with cartoons and other funny sceneries. It is good that they have invested on every corner, side. Stone flooring construction makes you feel rough while stepping on them.

window blog

Table’s color arrangement is more identical to a kindergarten style which I personally feel is refreshing and relaxing. You get a sense Talk to your kids about surrounding themselves with good people.  Besides their fast food and continental menu dishes, they also have a unique and tasty range of bakery items which are beautifully decorated and baked with a unique thought in mind. I observed Copper Kettle’s staff service cooperative and satisfactory, even supportive while shooting delicious food items.

Double Choco Cup & cupcake blogCarrot Cupcake are so sweet and yummy! Wish I have right now while writing. Light gleams dispersing through the window.  What do you think when you say something right “Straight from the Heart”? Precisely, you got it.

This blog is about food so indeed I’m talking about classic burgers! When you will order at, don’t get panicked reading their menu instead just go through to the concerned descriptions. It will sort out your sudden misunderstanding. The one with tiny chicken head is the “Hen Packed”. And the menu list goes on with such weird but funny labels for example, there is “Melting Moments” which is a Friend witch! “No Bones About it”, “You’re your Tongue” and “Hookers Delight”….and I kept wondering how creative and imaginative!

I’m sure that the online customers would be zesty to see Copper Kettle at food club panel.

Dig in and order online!

Order Online For Pizza Millano Deals

At least one daily order from a restaurant proves good and tasty meals; and therefore, reputation is very critical to maintain once it has a nice and steady slope. Since Pizza Milano registered with panel, we have been receiving atleast one online order on a daily basis. Don’t you think this is amazing!


Cheese Lover, Chicken Tikka, Cheese Fajita, Peperoni & Olive, Chicken Supreme and many more – these are the major pizza flavors that we receive online orders at Whereas the Zinger Burger has a rich and crunchy taste among the burger menu list. Other than these, pasta, variety of starters and salad are also having a nice space among the food menu. It was professional and fun to shoot with Pizza Milano’s management; ambience and their product, food. They have a nice color combination of red-maroonish and black sofa furniture, different set of orange and green bulb rounded light decoration giving a cool calm effect certainly a main advantage for couples. Simple yet beautiful crockery is more than enough for such ordinary restaurant.9fabc-customerburgercornerorderblog

When the fresh and hot chicken supreme pizza arrived for the photo shoot, it smelled as tempting as it was truly delicious as I had the chance afterwards to taste their food. I could feel and enjoy each ingredient flavors: cheese, olives, and mushrooms, thick and fresh dough I mean I could literally feel everything! Merely WOW! Anyhow I think I lost too much in my explanation, LOL. Regarding the shoot, it was a bit challenging because this time I tried some new angles and frames and light adjustments.

Zinger burger was the next model and yeah what else can I say…..Pizza Milano has something with their unique recipe. The rich flavors of crispy and crunchy zinger OH MY …!

I would like to wind up by saying that I would definitely recommend Pizza Milano for their specialty i.e. pizzas and burgers and yeah, this overcomes their other points.

So next time when you want to order, order online by Food Club PK and yes, you will be happy by our efficient restaurant service. Driving your hunger away!


The Mars Hotel and Restaurant

The MARS Lahore

Who doesn’t love Chinese food, if you don’t then raise your standards because has started to take orders for continental dishes now!

Best Chinese food in town i.e.Faisal Town (adjacent to Johar Town).

Basically, it is MARS hotel and restaurant so you or any of your family, friends or corporate candidate is looking for a standard and quality hotel. MARS hotel is the stop! They offer VIPhotel blog pic rooms as well which are properly maintained. They specialize in Chinese, Continental, Fast Food, desi dishes as well e.g.BBQ, boneless handi. The most admirable thing about MARS restaurant is they have a dedicated master chef, yes which means the chef is well-qualified experienced person who holds a solid and strong sense in Chinese continental food.

I have witnessed their food and enjoyed their deliciously hot chicken Manchurian, just feels a warm rich taste. Other than this, chicken chowmein unlike our desi ones, but this one is a real blend of Chinese taste. I think now people should communicate through the taste and color of food.

noodle pic

Chicken fried rice has a different taste and while it is garnished with spices and peppers beautifully. I would suggest if you are a Chinese food lover, go for MARS hotel and restaurant because this is the best continental restaurant in towni.e.Faisal town. You can find other local desi-restaurants but I’m sure you won’t be disappointed about this one. When you are dining in a soothing ambientspot while food is groovy and gooey, ultimately you start tofeelimportant. The Chinese paper lantern, tiny decorated candles, all the table’s arrangement and yes, what I really liked the tiny sparkledchanging color pinssticked on a bigrounded black circular ceiling,because when these blinks it is like stars in an empty sky.

rice n shashlic

MARS restaurant menu prices are suitably good,keeping in mind about their hotel and special chef.

It is really nice to have MARS on board at panel. Nice people, nice food, nice ambience, what else do you want!

All in all, we, as a team at are happy to serve to our very finest online customers, taking orders by MARS restaurant. Bingo!

Maham Mohsin

Address Gulberg III, Lahore Pakistan

Phone  +92-423-5781702


Burger Corner Impressions Over 20

I remember enjoying chicken burger with delicious and creamy salad and fresh French fries. And guess what, now I’mwriting a blog on the historical Burger Corner that is on the panel of Food Yes,food communication at and order online. Happy News!

Burger-Corner is located  at Mini Market, Gulberg II, Lahore and that is the hot spot as it is located at
major roundabout of the busy packed M.M.Alam road where variety of intercontinental and local restaurants &cafesand other brandedoutletscan be found. Ultimately, Burger Corner can hardly be seen
with few dine in customers.
Certainly,their specialty
is burger and also happily taking orders for pizza, fried chicken, Pakistani
and Chinese
dishes. Their cleanliness
level is acceptable.
Burger deals price starts from 120
rupeesup to 1200 rupees for full fledge family deals.
Their food is pleasing and so are the customers, consequently.
The snapshots prove
a happy customer who ordered online through from Burger Corner.
Besides it was a
nice pleasure for me to do a swift photo-shoot of their menu dishes.
orders arrived in no time and I kept capturing crispy fries, hot and luscious
chicken special sandwich along with cold salad. Next was chicken breast burger,
fried chicken pieces with their dark and crunchy textured relish and zinger
burger lastly.
At times, it becomes unbearable
when you have yummy plates in front of you and you just stare at them while
holding camera. Such a torture!
yes, they do have a separate section for family which adds up to the fair
environment for walk in fast food lovers.
So, spice up
your day with and share mouth-watering images.
Maham Mohsin 
Address Gulberg III, Lahore Pakistan
Zip Code 54000
Phone  +92-423-5781702

Online Food Services In Lahore Islamabad Karachi

FoodClub is the ultimate bridge between Food Lovers & Food Providers. Ranging from Dishes all over the country with superb tastes & great exquisite cuisines on board. Bringing all the Spices & Hot Food on one Platform for you to enjoy the hustle free meal from your favorite Restaurants all across the country.


At FoodClub we provide you with the interactive menu’s, Information about new upcoming exciting deals & discounts, new restaurants opening in your area, exciting gifts for active members and much more about food. FoodClub not only drive your hunger away but an answer to all your food cravings. Food ordering was never so easy before; just one click and get your ordered food at your doorstep, no fuss, no extra waiting.

Food Club is one of its kind & Pakistan’s one of the First Free Online Food Ordering System enabling you to take away meal at your prescribed time from your favorite Restaurants, get Free Home Delivery, reserving Table at your feasible time at favorite Restaurants.